RG 100 Ksh Daily Saving Challenge Kenya Nairobi

52 weeks saving challenge in Ksh 100 Daily

The 52 weeks saving challenge in Ksh 100 is meant for people who want to expand their businesses through daily saving. It’s also a forum to discuss business┬árelated challenges, opportunities, and how to access business loans.

Key features:

  • You save Kshs. 100 or more daily
  • Save through Mpesa (no charges)
  • Get automatic account balance SMS
  • Get automatic SMS reminders when you skip a few days
  • Access business loans at 1% interest per month
  • Access Emergency Loans

This is a voluntary group where you request to be added if you have purposed to save Ksh 100 daily thru RG Sacco Ltd. You cannot be a member of this group if you don’t participate in the saving challenge.

You open an account by filling the form here below, and start saving Kshs. 100/- daily – although you can save any amount you are comfortable with.

Our vision is to create Millionaires through saving, investing and prudent business management. Lets share helpful ideas on how to be able to consistently save 100 bob, discuss challenges and solutions and generally help each other minimize wastage and maximize saving.

“Rise and Grow” is a community dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential and achieve success in all aspects of life. Join us for supportive discussions, resources, and inspiration to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals. Let’s grow together! Click here to join RG 100 bob Daily Saving Challenge Facebook Group.

Register here for the 52 Weeks Saving Challenge:

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