Asset Finance Loan Form

RG Sacco Ltd.

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    Full Names:

    ID Number:


    Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD).

    Email Address:

    Phone No(s).

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    Marital Status:

    Spouse Name

    Spouse Phone No(s).

    Spouse ID Number.

    Number of Children or dependents

    Describe your place of residence eg estate, plot no. House No.

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    Describe your business as much as possible. (eg name, type eg Retail Shop, location, number of years in operation, Number of employees, Ownership - include names of owners & percentages owned


    Sub County:


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    Purpose / Asset you want to purchase:

    Cost of the asset

    Is it new?

    Loan amount requested: NB You must have saved with us for the last 3 consecutive months. Loan amount must not exceed 3 times of savings..

    Preferred repayment frequency(installments)

    Affordable repayment Amount(installments)

    Repayment Period in months:

    Attach a Quotation or Proforma Invoice from seller:
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    Business referees eg suppliers, peers, landlords (include name, relationship and telephone numbers) Name at least three

    Family refereces eg brothers, sisters, uncles, etc (include name, relationship and telephone numbers) Name at least three

    Community leader refereces eg religious leaders, pastor, headteacher, director of an NGO, Loan officer of a bank etc (include name, title. institution and telephone numbers) Name at least one

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    Please scan and attach the following documents:
    1. National ID Card: 2. Passport size photo: 3. KRA PIN 4. Business License (if any): 5. Registration Certificate (if any): Accept terms and conditions by clicking the box below: [backbutton]