Here are some of the best Saccos in Kenya, the best managed savings saccos to invest in 2024, spread across the country in all the 47 counties. They offer cheap loans as well as savings accounts, current accounts and fixed accounts. A few offer instant Mobile Loans which are disbursed through Mpesa.

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How best Saccos in Kenya Operate:

  1. Membership: SACCOs are formed by individuals who share a common bond, such as employees of the same organization, residents of a specific community, or members of a particular association. Membership is voluntary, and individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria to join.
  2. Cooperative Structure: SACCOs operate on a cooperative model, which means they are owned and governed by their members. Each member has an equal say in the decision-making processes, typically through a democratic system of voting during general meetings. Members elect a board of directors and other officials to oversee the SACCO’s operations.
  3. Savings: One of the primary functions of a SACCO is to encourage regular savings among its members. Members deposit their savings into individual accounts, which earn interest over time. These savings help to build the financial strength of the SACCO and provide a source of funds for lending to members.
  4. Credit Services: best Saccos in Kenya offer various credit services to their members, including loans for personal and business purposes. The loan products and terms vary depending on the specific SACCO, but they generally aim to meet the financial needs of the members. Interest rates on SACCO loans are typically lower compared to commercial banks.
  5. Financial Intermediation: best Saccos in Kenya act as financial intermediaries, channeling funds from savers to borrowers within the cooperative. The savings of members are used to fund loans for other members, creating a cycle of financial support and community development.
  6. Financial Education and Support: best Saccos in Kenya often provide financial education and training programs to help their members improve their financial literacy and management skills. This includes topics like budgeting, saving, investment, and debt management.
The best Saccos in Kenya for savings and investment in 2023

List of all best Saccos in Kenya for savings and investment:

  1. Stima Sacco.
  2. Mhasibu Sacco.
  3. Waumini Sacco.
  4. Kimisitu Sacco.
  5. Safaricom Sacco.
  6. Gusii Mwalimu Sacco.
  7. Rise and Grow Sacco Ltd. (RG Sacco Ltd.)
  8. Sheria Sacco.
  9. Police Sacco
  10. FinnlemmSacco
  11. Kenya Bankers Sacco
  12. Harambee Sacco
  13. 2NK Sacco Society Ltd
  14. Acumen Sacco Society Ltd
  15. Afya Sacco Society Ltd
  16. Agro-Chem Sacco Society Ltd
  17. Airports Sacco Society Ltd
  18. Ainabkoi Sacco Society Ltd
  19. Amica Sacco Society Ltd
  20. Ammar Sacco Society Ltd
  21. Ardhi Sacco Society Ltd
  22. Asili Sacco Society Ltd
  23. Azima Sacco Society Ltd
  24. Bandari Sacco Society Ltd
  25. Baraka Sacco Society Ltd
  26. Baraton University Sacco Society Ltd
  27. Biashara Sacco Society Ltd
  28. Biashara Tosha Sacco Society Ltd
  29. Bi-High Sacco Society Ltd
  30. Bingwa Sacco Society Ltd
  31. Boresha Sacco Society Ltd
  32. Capital Sacco Society Ltd
  33. Centenary Sacco Society Ltd
  34. Chai Sacco Society Ltd
  35. Chuna Sacco Society Ltd
  36. Comoco Sacco Society Ltd
  37. Cosmopolitan Sacco Society Ltd
  38. County Sacco Society Ltd
  39. Daima Sacco Society Ltd
  40. Dhabiti Sacco Society Ltd
  41. Dimkes Sacco Society Ltd
  42. Dumisha Sacco Society Ltd
  43. Eco-Pillar Sacco Society Ltd
  44. Egerton Sacco Society Ltd
  45. Elimu Sacco Society Ltd
  46. Enea Sacco Society Ltd
  47. Faridi Sacco Society Ltd
  48. Fariji Sacco Society Ltd Get Fariji Sacco App.
  49. Fortitude Sacco Society Ltd
  50. Fortune Sacco Society Ltd
  51. Fundilima Sacco Society Ltd
The best Saccos in Kenya for savings and investment in 2023
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A SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization) is a member-owned financial cooperative that provides savings and credit services to its members. SACCOs operate on the principle of pooling members’ savings to create a fund from which loans and other financial services are offered.

The Kipsigis Edis Sacco Limited

Kipsigis Edis Sacco Limited is located in Bomet, Kenya.
The Kipsigis Edis Sacco Limited is located in Bomet, Kenya, Kericho County.

Kimbilio Daima Sacco Ltd.

Kimbilio Daima sacco

Kimbilio Daima is a savings and credit co-operative society (Formerly Chepsol Sacco ltd) situated in Kimulot Ward of Bomet County. 

Patnas Sacco Society Ltd.

Patnas sacco society headoffice in sotik, kericho county

Patnas sacco society limited has its head office in Litein, along Sotik-kericho highway. It has branches in Sotik, Roret, Cheborgei and Chebirbelek.