Best business dress code for men and women

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Job interviews, business appointments, important presentations and meeting with clients call out for a business professional attire. In some companies and offices, dressing professionally is a requirement to every employee. Dressing appropriately can give you a lot of confidence when a big opportunity in your career arises.

Best dress code for men

A 2 piece suit is the best professional attire for men and it should resemble this criteria:

  • color- Always wear a dark suit that has neutral colors. examples of good colors include: black, brown, navy and grey
  • Shirt- when choosing a shirt, opt for a classic , button down shirt, white, light blue and other muted colors are also great.
  • pattern-The suit that you are wearing should have a one solid color.
  • Tie – Complete your suit with a good tie that features subtle patterns such as stripes.
  • Shoes- polish your best black leather shoes. if you don’t have black shoes, you can substitute them with brown leather shoes.
  • socks- choose black socks or dark colors such as brown, gray, navy or any other color that can match with your suit.
  • jewelry- Go slow on jewelry. just wear a nice watch and a ring if you are married.

Business professional attire for women

The best professional business attire for women should include a skirt suit or pant suit that has neutral colors such as navy, gray, brown and black. The trousers or Pants should be full length of the legs.

  • shoes- the shoes should be flats or heels with a height that doesn’t go more than two inches.
  • jewelry- keep the jewelry classical and minimum. wear a good necklace, stud earings and your wedding ring if you have one.
  • make up- just go for simple make that will make you look presentable and smart. too much make up might make you to look so polished.

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