Latest Sacco jobs in Kenya

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Latest Sacco jobs in Kenya from RG Sacco Ltd:




  • Honest
  • Social & Outspoken
  • Hardworking
  • O Level & above
  • Fluent in English & Kiswahili
  • Smartphone / tablet
  • 18 years and above

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NB: You can either work online or from any town in Kenya even where we don’t have physical branches. All our services are available online.

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Other vacancies include: Secretaries / Office Administrator, Branch Managers, Credit Managers, Credit officers, Assistant Credit Manager (loan collection), Telemarketers and Field Officers.

About latest Sacco Jobs in Kenya 2023

SACCOs are financial institutions that provide savings and credit services to their members. They operate similarly to credit unions. SACCOs in Kenya often have various job opportunities available, including positions such as:

  1. Management Roles: These include positions like Chief Executive Officer (CEO), General Manager, Branch Manager, and Operations Manager. These roles involve overseeing the overall operations of the SACCO, strategic planning, policy implementation, and managing staff.
  2. Finance and Accounting: Latest sacco jobs in Kenya in this area include Finance Manager, Accountant, Internal Auditor, and Financial Analyst. These roles involve handling financial transactions, preparing financial reports, budgeting, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards.
  3. Loan Officers: Loan officers play a crucial role in assessing loan applications, managing loan portfolios, and conducting credit evaluations. They interact directly with members, assist in loan disbursement, and ensure loan repayment.
  4. Customer Service Representatives: Latest saccos jobs in Kenya require individuals who can handle member inquiries, provide information about services, process membership applications, and assist with account maintenance.
  5. IT and Technology: As technology plays an important role in the financial sector, SACCOs often have positions for IT professionals, such as System Administrators, Software Developers, and IT Support Specialists.

Sacco job vacancies 2023

There are many sacco job vacancies 2023, you can drop your cv at various sacco offices and they will call you once a vacancy pops up. Remember to tailor your application and resume to highlight your qualifications and experiences that align with the specific job requirements. Check BrighterMonday for more sacco job vacancies 2023. Good luck with your job search for the latest saccos jobs in Kenya