Most Profitable business in Kenya to start with 100k

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What are the most profitable business in Kenya to start with 100k?

Starting a profitable business in Kenya with 100,000 Kenyan Shillings requires careful consideration of the market, available resources, and demand for products or services. Here are some business ideas that you can consider starting with a budget of 100,000 KES:

1. Fast Food or Street Food Business:

Setting up a small fast food kiosk or street food business can be a profitable venture, especially if you identify a high-traffic location with a demand for affordable and tasty food options.

2. Agribusiness:

You can start small-scale farming, such as poultry farming, vegetable farming, or fish farming, which can yield good returns over time. With 100,000 KES, you can invest in basic farming equipment, seeds, or livestock.

3. Clothing Retail:

Starting a small clothing retail business, such as a second-hand clothing store or a boutique focusing on affordable clothing options, can be a profitable venture if you can identify the right market and location.

4. Beauty and Personal Care Services:

Offering beauty and personal care services, such as a small salon, barber shop, or mobile beauty services, can be a profitable business with a relatively low initial investment.

5. Event Planning and Management:

Starting an event planning and management service, catering to small-scale events like birthday parties, weddings, and corporate gatherings, can be a profitable business with the right networking and organizational skills.

6. Online Retailing:

You can start an online retail business by selling products through e-commerce platforms or social media channels. With 100,000 KES, you can invest in purchasing initial inventory and setting up an online store.

7. Cleaning Services:

Starting a small cleaning service targeting homes, offices, or commercial spaces can be a profitable business with low initial investment costs. You can use the budget to invest in cleaning supplies and marketing materials.

8. Tutoring Services:

Providing tutoring services in subjects such as languages, mathematics, or science can be a profitable business, especially with the demand for educational support services.

9. Mobile Repair and Accessories:

Setting up a small mobile phone repair and accessories business can be a profitable venture, considering the widespread use of mobile phones in Kenya.

10. Freelancing:

Starting a freelance business in fields such as writing, graphic design, or digital marketing can be a low-cost option that can be operated from home, requiring only a computer and an internet connection.

Before starting any business, it’s important to conduct thorough market research, create a detailed business plan, and ensure that you comply with all the necessary legal and regulatory requirements in Kenya.