How to start a Successful Business in Nairobi

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In Kenya there is no clear formula of succeeding in business. If there was, you would never hear any strange stories of business loss or failure. But if you take a close look into the history of all successful business organizations, you will find out that there are some close similarities in their methods of operation. There are several steps that all successful organizations have taken in order to succeed in their business growth goals.

Below is several tips of how to start a successful business in Nairobi Kenya

1. Make a clear written plan. – Without a strategic clear plan it’s very hard for any business to succeed. The plans that you make don’t have to be necessarily written on a book, all you need is just some few lists of objectives, marketing plan and strategies that will help you grow.
2. Don’t stick with one plan (don’t marry your business plans)– Since you are dealing with a business plan that you had no prior experience on it, don’t get laid by trying so hard to succeed with the strategies that you had made. Even in history every great military general has thrown away a great battle plan when bullets start flying . Adjust your plans severally and conquer.
3. Keep track of all your business records and manage it with numbers. Create a written system or a computerized system that records all your business records. By doing this, you will be able to determine whether your business is making profits or losses. One of the most important calculations is the cash flow to your business.
4. Delegate to your employees and make sure you don’t micromanage them. The work of a manager is to delegate and then inspect the progress. When you are managing your workers, don’t be a control freak. If you delegate all your employees effectively, you will get great results as you expected. Come up with a written training and orientation plan that will show your employees what they are required to do.

Above all, make sure you have fun with your business and you are passionate to pursue your niche.

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